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Babies are best photographed within the 10 days of being born. I know it’s hard to get out of the house as a new parent but babies are more cooperative during the first 10 days of being born…I take my time during these sessions so you can meet the needs of your baby!   There is always time to stop and feed or change a diaper.



For maternity, think fresh, spontaneous, and hip. I want Mom to feel confident and beautiful: this is your chance to let your personality shine. Maternity clothing needs to be form-fitting to show the form of the belly. Be sure to tell me if you want bare belly shots.I will guide you with choosing a propper attire .



I like to photograph children doing what they do best… being kids.  I encourage you to allow your children to be themselves and I will capture the moments that make you love them.  Having your children enjoy being photographed makes the session more enjoyable for everyone.


Couples & Engagement

For couples and engagements, think fun, spontaneous, relaxed, and romantic. I like to try unusual locations and use things that show off your uniqueness as a couple. We could do urban or rural. Tell me your hobbies or an interesting story about the two of you, and let’s see if that sparks ideas. If you met at the coffee shop, let’s go to the coffee shop! Like all portrait sessions, we will do a combination of formal and candid shots in a location or two that is special to you as a couple. From head to toe, clothing should be fun, quirky, and flirty! I want to capture the love and magic between the two of you, so a little PDA is encouraged. All you have to do is show up, be in love, and have fun. We’ll pretend I’m not even there! ;)


Family Portraits

Family portraits are often the best when we don’t try and make everyone look perfect.  I look for moments that fun and are genuine.  Everyone sitting together, laying around laughing or having a tickle fight… Mother and child staring at each other and making each other laugh… I typically get a variety of pictures with everyone looking at the camera but I will focus on capturing some candid moments of your family too.

In general, here’s a quick run down of the process:


We’ll have our session (around 1-2 hours, depending on session type).Your portrait session photos take up to 2 weeks to edit and process. You will receive a private link to your password protected gallery where you can see all the images and share links to your favorites with family and friends.


An invoice will be sent to your email to book your session. The invoice can be paid with cash, check, or credit card via paypal.

We can hold a session pretty much anywhere, as long as it’s safe for the ages involved. Tell me about the feel you want your images to have, and I can give you some suggestions. I’m open to trying new places. Don’t forget your home. It doesn’t have to look like an interior design catalog to be session-worthy. You’d be surprised at what we can do. Newborn sessions are most often held in my studio or clients house.


Rescheduling is usually a last resort due to a very full calendar. If someone is sick, however, let me know as soon as you can so we can reschedule. I will always reschedule newborn sessions if I am ill. 

I do complete retouching on all of your proofs, so please don’t worry about minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc.

Weather reports can’t always be trusted, so unless you hear otherwise from me, our session is still on (some of the best light is on a cloudy day). However, if it’s storming, we’ll need to find another time or day.


Wardrobe 101: Coordinating but not matchy-matchy

I’m often asked for wardrobe advice. My biggest piece of advice is to be yourselves. Dress like yourselves. I know there's so much more to you and your family than jeans and a white shirt!


Always call Lala a few days before our session if you feel we need to go over any detail.


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